Hasan Minhaj’s address at the 2016 RTCA Dinner

While U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) held the Congressional floor for a filibuster lasting some 15 hours yesterday into the night to force his colleagues to vote on reasonable gun-control legislation, the radio and TV correspondents who cover Congress were holding their annual dinner.

Funny, right?

Funnier still, many more people than usually know C-SPAN2 even exists began tuning in to that station to watch Murphy and his supporters filibuster, while comedian and The Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj was addressing the RTCA on regular ol’ C-SPAN.

Minhaj followed Ohio Governor and failed Republican presidential candidate John Kasich at the podium, and Minhaj joked about Kasich’s loss to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House, and how the media has let Trump phone in his campaign quite literally for free. Minhaj also had jokes about Congress — not the reporters, but the legislators — before pivoting at the end to last weekend’s Orlando massacre, and apologizing for his role in not doing more to stand up and speak out against gun violence.

Roll it.

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