The hit Broadway musical Hamilton will hit peak cultural status this coming weekend with the Tony Awards, and New York City comedian Richie Moriarty pays tribute today with this video of him singing “Alexander Hamilton.”

Only Moriarty does it via 14 different celebrity impersonations. Including Adam Sandler, JFK, Christopher Walken, Mickey Mouse, Beaker from The Muppets, Patricia Moriarty (Richie’s Mom), Don Pardo, Tom Brokaw, Jim Parsons, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gilbert Gottfried, Pee-Wee Herman, The Swedish Chef from The Muppets and Marge Simpson.

Roll the clip!

If you want to see Moriarty live, he and his co-host Matt Catanzano present their “Simply Unemployable Live” show of improv, stand-up and more on June 17 at The PIT in NYC.