Del Close Marathon 18 #DCM18 lineup unveiled

The lineup for the 18th Del Close Marathon is up!

As seen in the new documentary, Thank You Del: The Story of the Del Close Marathon (read my review), DCM brings together thousands of improvisers for a weekend marathon of make-em-ups, centered in and around the Upright Citizens Brigade theaters.

This year’s performers — congregating June 24-26, 2016, for DCM18 — include UCB co-founders Matt Besser, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh, plus Horatio Sanz, Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson, Ben Schwartz, Katie Dippold, Nick Kroll, John Gemberling, Jason Mantzoukas , Chris Gethard, Scott Adsit , Bobby Moynihan, Mike Birbiglia, Nicole Byer, Alison Rich, Shannon O’Neill, D’Arcy Carden, Owen Burke, Gil Ozeri, Luka Jones, Drew Tarver and Cipha Sounds.

Among the 670 shows at nine different venues around Manhattan: The Upright Citizens Brigade, Asssscat 3000, Cast of Broad City, Nick Kroll & Friends, Writers from the Daily Show, Writers from the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Bobby Moynihan & Friends, Gravid Water, Party Over Here Improv Show, Mike Birbiglia’s Dream, Gay Pride Improv Spectacular, Take it Personal: Hip Hop Improv, and a screening of Thank You, Del.

Other shows at the UCB Chelsea HQ that are pretty much can’t miss include: Bruckheimer, The Swarm, Bangarang, Improv4Humans, BroBroTime, Snapchat The Show with Gil Ozeri and Ben Schwartz, Apples & Oranges with Matt Walsh and Jon Glaser, Sagher and Gethard, Doppelganger, Sanzotime, The Curfew, Presidents of Roo, Mother, To Catch a Predator: Improv Edition, Match Game ’76, Wicked Fuckin’ Queeyah, Sentimental Lady, Tami and Shannon Have Friends, Baby Wants Candy, Pigs in a Blanket, The Smokes, Mike Birbiglia’s Dream, Play By Play, Mantzoukas and…, and We Can Fix You.

Individual tickets for the premium shows at the FIT and SVA are on sale now, with passes available at the UCB starting June 24.

Here are the premium shows.


Friday June 24

  • 8:00pm Fucked Up Broad City DCM18
  • 10:00pm A Favor for Bib? DCM18

Saturday June 25

  • 7:00pm Nick Kroll & Friends DCM18
  • 9:00pm Gravid Water DCM18

Sunday June 26

  • 7:30pm ASSSSCAT 3000 at FIT
  • 10:00pm ASSSSCAT 3000 at FIT

SVA – Silas and Beatrice theaters

Friday June 24

  • 7:00pm The Curfew DCM18
  • 7:30pm Gay Pride Improv Spectacular DCM18
  • 8:30pm Last Day of School DCM18
  • 9:30pm Daily Show Writers DCM18
  • 10:15pm This Show Is Not Funny DCM18
  • 11:15pm Party Over Here DCM18
  • 11:45pm We Know How You Die DCM18

Saturday June 25

  • 12:45am Grandma’s Ashes: We Won’t Tell DCM18
  • 1:15am ART PRESENTS: “Me and Julio” DCM18
  • 3:30pm Thank You Del: The Story of the Del Close Marathon
  • 5:30pm Thank You Del: The Story of the Del Close Marathon
  • 7:00pm The Stepfathers DCM18
  • 7:30pm TAKE IT PERSONAL: The Hip Hop Improv Show
  • 8:30pm JV Presents: #ThrowbackFriday DCM18
  • 9:30pm Bangarang DCM18
  • 10:15pm The Smokes DCM18
  • 11:15pm Search History DCM18
  • 11:45pm fwand DCM18

Sunday June 26

  • 12:45am Sentimental Lady DCM18
  • 1:15am Help Us Make a Movie in a Movie Theatre DCM18


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