Team Coco’s Comedy Club animates stand-up routines on Snapchat

Matt Braunger’s routine about an elevator ride from hell has become the first animated Snapchat show for TBS and Conan’s new series, Team Coco’s Comedy Club.

New animated stand-up routines will debut Sundays throughout the winter, developed specifically for Snapchat’s mobile platform. You’ll be able to catch them on Snapchat from 6 a.m. Eastern Sunday through 6 a.m. Tuesday.

Upcoming episodes of Team Coco’s Comedy Club will feature

  • Caleb Synan – 11/19
  • Emily Heller – 11/26
  • Maria Bamford – 12/3
  • Tommy Johnagin – 1/21
  • Mo Welch – 1/28
  • Moses Storm – 2/4
  • Matthew Broussard – 2/11

Swipe up to subscribe to Team Coco’s Comedy Club between 6 a.m. Sunday and 6 a.m. Tuesday.


Comedy Club marks Team Coco’s most ambitious platform-specific production to date with TBS. The series was shot, illustrated and animated specifically with Snapchat’s vertical orientation and video player in mind. Each episode also heavily incorporates quick transitions, text overlays and other post-production techniques that are rarely found in traditional comedy videos but will be instantly recognizable to any Snapchat user. The result is an animated series that should appeal equally to the CONAN and Snapchat audiences,” said Steve Beslow, general manager of Team Coco Digital.

“We’re all huge fans of Conan and his team and their legendary comedic sensibility,” said Erin Keating, Snap Inc.’s development manager for Shows. “We’re excited for TBS and Team Coco to bring a fresh take on standup to Snapchat and break into new formats for Shows on the platform.”

“Three years ago, we tasked ourselves with re-imagining the TBS brand. In order to do that we also needed to expand the definition of what it means to make TV to include immersive, multi-platform entertainment that lives across a growing array of digital screens.  This show is part of our push to be true 360 storytellers, to connect to audiences in news ways, and to provide experiences that are better for both fans and advertisers alike,” said Michael Engleman, executive vice president of entertainment marketing and brand innovation for TBS and TNT. “Conan O’Brien and Team Coco continue to be great creative partners and Team Coco’s Comedy Club is a tremendous example of original content that we’re proud to launch on a mobile-centric platform. Today, our audience includes more than 125 million viewers across linear, OTT, mobile devices and the web every month by creating premium content that engages fans whenever and wherever they are,” said Engleman.”

The creation of Team Coco’s Comedy Club on Snapchat is the latest development in CONAN’s expanded, four-year contract announced earlier this year.

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