Elaine Benes meets Bernie Sanders as Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosts SNL with special guest Larry David

With a major Democratic presidential candidate debate in Brooklyn on Thursday night, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosting Saturday Night Live on Saturday, how could SNL not reunite Dreyfus with her Seinfeld co-creator?

That the show did so right up front wasn’t a surprise, nor that Larry David returned once more to portray U.S. Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders — David has become as much of a plus for Bernie in 2016 as Tina Fey helped display the minus that was Sarah Palin in 2008. But having Louis-Dreyfus dress up as her Seinfeld character, Elaine Benes, was something perhaps few expected to see.

Better still, though, was “Elaine” getting meta with Larry David’s “Bernie” about how the character he’s impersonating would increase taxes on guys like David, since he made so many mega millions off of Seinfeld. And how his reaction to that really made you realize how much he is and was the inspiration for George Costanza.

Roll the clip!

If only the rest of this SNL episode was as newsworthy.

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