Jim Gaffigan, his kids and his stand-up in a Chrysler Pacifica

If you watched any of the Final Four these past couple of nights, then you saw the brand-new TV commercial for Chrysler’s Pacifica starring comedian Jim Gaffigan, his kids, and even a clip of his stand-up in the seat-back monitors.

That makes two big national ad campaigns currently running for Gaffigan — he’s also still playing Col. Sanders for KFC (although the latest spots jokingly hint that KFC already is looking to rotate to the next comedian). But this Chrysler spot is special, not only because it features his actual children, but also because it features his actual stand-up.

Roll the clip!

UPDATE: Chrysler has rolled out several more ad spots with the Gaffigan family. Enjoy them now, if you please…

And this one, in German. Guten tag!

This one features real talk!

Three takes at tennis…

Tennis: Strong Dad Brand

Tennis: Beat Some Bleep

Tennis: Best Gift

And one with Jim and his wife, Jeannie!

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