Legit, starring Jim Jefferies, cancelled after two seasons, move from FX to FXX

Once again, a funny show you enjoyed fronted by a comedian on FX has unsuccessfully transitioned to FXX.

Jim Jefferies, star of Legit, announced today that his show has been cancelled. Its second season concludes tonight with back-to-back episodes on FXX.

Legit has been cancelled. Sorry to everyone who was a fan of the show, please watch tonight, it’s the final two episodes. I am very proud of the work that I did on this show and I made friends that I’ll have for life. So I’m going to try and not be sad about this,” Jefferies wrote this afternoon.

He has company. Also in the past year, FX enjoyed a spot in the late-night talk show conversation via the critically-acclaimed Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, which nobody continued to watch after the cable network moved it to nightly last fall to launch the FXX channel.

Legit, meanwhile, starred Jefferies playing a semi-autobiographical version of himself, as stand-up comedian Jim Jefferies. In the TV edition, he was trying to figure out how to have a meaningful relationship with a woman, deal with his roommate’s (played by Dan Bakkedahl) alcoholism, and his other roommate (played by DJ Qualls) who had muscular dystrophy.

Tonight’s series finale, teased:

Read what Jefferies had to say to The Comic’s Comic at the beginning of the second season in February.

And what Jefferies told The Comic’s Comic back in 2012 about going legit, for real.

Here’s a fun video of the cast members looking at each other’s yearbook photos and commenting upon them:

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24 thoughts on “Legit, starring Jim Jefferies, cancelled after two seasons, move from FX to FXX

    1. Serves Jim and the writers right. Just had to get his leftie digs in, and with lies to boot.
      UK’s crime rate fell with gun bans… BS. It went up… a lot!
      Can change the 2nd amendment… I guess we can just as easily change the 1st, isn’t that right leftie?… no, we can’t because the 2nd protects the 1st and all others.
      Black market guns are expensive… half right. Some are, some aren’t. I’m sure a victim will feel much better knowing he was shot only by a cheap gun.
      Hunting is not a sport… you don’t always come home with an animal, but you’d know that if you ever tried it instead of just armchair quarterbacking.
      All gun owners are homicidal maniacs that will shoot you… BS. Why do lefties always need to resort to lies to make their argument? Projecting their intentions I guess.

      I will continue to get as many people as I can safely into shooting and hunting. Eventually the majority will see through your lies and I will smile at your leftie frustration 🙂

      1. To Responsible: Well said, sir! I admit I was a fan of this show and enjoyed its quirky, even uncomfortable humor. Now, I of course expect some level of political silliness anytime I sit down to watch a show, especially comedies, but the last two episodes of this show were not at all about being funny. Rather, the episodes were an unapologetic slap in the face to gun owners everywhere, long on ignorant stereotypes and short on accurate statistics. I am very disappointed with Mr. Jeffries, who seems to pride himself on acceptance of all types of people. Being personally insulted and offended by his material, the fact is that I am not alone: millions of Americans fall into the category that he so smugly dismisses being compared with people who owned slaves in the 19th century. I am no longer disappointed that this show has been canceled, and I am not in the least bit surprised now, either.

        1. people are inherently stupid, making guns extremely easy to acquire by aforementioned stupid people is not a recipe for good things

        1. opponents of guns are little sissy bitches. “i’m deathly terrified of guns, therefore nobody should be allowed to own any,” said every person who is afraid of guns.

      2. Lee Rigby would not have been hacked to pieces by muslim terrorists in the street if just one person on scene had a CCW.

      3. There is a lot of fallacy arguments there but the one about the second amendment protecting the others is so bad, so out of touch with reality that it’s borderline genius!
        I’m not that familiar with the US legislation but I’m guessing you can’t just open carry into congress public hearings, but man it would be all kinds of amazing if people did went to stare congressmen right in the eye with a hand on the holster when they’re voting the bills that undermine your freedom.
        That would turn so many heads around the idea of having the right to item and carry guns you’ll be hard pressed to find any comedian that makes fun of it afterwards.

  1. To Responsible gun owner and Bob: way to bring propaganda politics into a discussion that has nothing to do with politics. Unbunch your panties. The show is great. Watch the ‘get er done’ guys shows if you love guns and hunting that much. Enjoy being brainwashed by the Kotch brothers, Glenn Beck and the rest. Guess what? They don’t care about your “freedoms”. They only care about getting richer. They play on your fears and emotions….well. So keep thinking for yourself.

    1. Netflix is for ppl who don’t know sheit about shows yes you can watch SOA, breaking bad walking dead and burn notice , but if you’ve already watch it during its original run its pretty much useless

      1. What? .I’m sorry……..whaaaat?.lol Netflix is for whosits? Get a grip. (On your gun)

  2. People are so stupid. A guy on a t.v. show might be left and the writers wrote his script. It’s a fucking t.v. show morons!!!! It was funny and one of the best shows on and you rip it apart for something so dumb. You all need to grow up or grow a pair. ;]

    1. Yeah, a pair of guns. Am I right…huh…yeah…thats right, guns. I love my gun so much that anyone that doesn’t like guns is a big stupid. Guns make the world go ’round. Hell, it’s a proven fact that the axis upon which the earth spins looks like the handle of an AK-47. And if you don’t beleive me, I may shoot you. Duh hyit hyit drrrrrr.

    1. It was moved to fxx to make room for new shows, and since no one watches that channel it lost viewers ,fx is ESPN and fxx is the ESPN that shows the spelling bee

  3. way old thread but, having finished it on NFX now, i’d give it shot if there was another season, despite the last 3 or so episodes. it delved way into the dark side, which is fine but it just felt like the show went from a clever comedy with drama and something else to a drama with bad jokes…maybe he got the cancel notice and got sloppy trying to say a bunch of stuff, i.e. the gun stuff. closest i could find an reference to violence against him in real life was being smacked in the head so yeah.. no surprise that he will have a hard time getting picked up if he’s gonna get all SJW-like with guns in the main stream.

    can’t figure out why comedians can’t make it mainstream for the most part: is it once their stage material dries up they can’t come with anything new, or they can dry run on stage adn know what works but mess up on TV too much and there not gonna give you too many chances with falling ratings.

    Seinfeld..comedian with show about nothing, people like nothing, no galvanizing topics(was his standup like that too?), hit
    Titus.. great show, dysfunctional family, another bio-show….its funny when the crazy is joked and hinted at but then the crazy goes and shoots someone and the comedy just goes all serious, 2~ seasons, fail. failed to transition from comedy to drama
    Louis..I liked it but it wasnt bingeable for me, thats how I do most tv nowadays when i get a chance, I could watch it over a few months …5/6 seasons so i’d call it a hit, something different, dry humor(IIRC) so it wasn’t so jolting if they went dramatic.
    Legit(given the need to break away from the self titling, he couldve called it jim or JJ but he’d be labelled copy cat)…clever, funny, heartfelt, yay… preachy, leftie, too real(maybe not the right word) for primetime sometimes …meh…2 seasons, fail.

  4. Just finished binging on this show and I’m sad there will be no more. It was well written and the characters were great. Dysfunction junction that’s for sure. Kudos to Jim and everyone involved. Well done all!


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