Jordan Brady shoots for “I Am…” trilogy, with the troops for “I Am Battle Comic”

Six years ago, director Jordan Brady turned the cameras back on his comedy career — interviewing dozens of stand-up comedians about the art of joking, and coaxing Ritch Shydner out of touring retirement for I Am Comic.

Then Brady himself got back into stand-up, joining Wayne Federman for a weekend of bar/club work in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State, and interviewed dozens of stand-up comedians about their own road gigs for I Am Road Comic.

What’s next? Afghanistan, of course!

Brady is doing his part to support the troops — midway through a two-week tour of U.S. military bases in Southwest Asia with “Don Barnhart’s Battle Comics” for Armed Services Entertainment — and filming it to complete his “I Am” trilogy as I Am Battle Comic.

“Comics Slade Ham, Bob Kubota, Jeff Capri and Don Barnhart have done this for years, so they brought me along if I could do a tight ten minutes,” Brady told The Comic’s Comic on Monday from somewhere in Kuwait.

As Kubota wrote to his Facebook friends when they started their trip last week: “This one should be better documented than most because we have comedic documentary filmmaker (I Am Comic series), the great Jordan Brady to share his comedy skills with the men & women of our armed forces, and also record the good, bad & ugly of what goes on on these types of tours.”

Today’s ISIS attack in Brussels hasn’t changed their comedy tour of bases in Asia, although it does hammer home the important work their audiences still have in store for them once the stand-up show comes and goes.


Their tour of Southwest Asia runs through March 30. Follow Don Barnhart’s Battle Comics on Facebook, or #‎ArmedForcesEnt‬.


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