Kyle Cease first caught my attention in the 1990s when we both were getting started in the Seattle comedy scene. He already was headlining clubs as a teenager then, and parlayed his youthful exuberance and success into scene-stealing bit parts in movies such as 10 Things I Hate About You and Not Another Teen Movie. In 2009, already the king of NACA college tours, Cease rallied his young fans to win the #1 ranking in Comedy Central’s Stand-Up Showdown; later that year, he unveiled plans for a Stand-Up Boot Camp. The latter wasn’t well-received by the comedy community, even though he had the likes of Louie Anderson offering life lessons to his students. Cease noticed. So he evolved. In recent years, Cease has broadened his scope and his audience with a new one-man-show, Evolving Out Loud – in which he combines stand-up comedy with transformational advice. He has taken the show to Europe and Canada, and I caught up with him in the green room of New World Stages before one of his shows this week in New York City.

So let’s get to it!