Tom Segura: Mostly Stories, on Netflix

Tom Segura has a funny new stand-up special out on Netflix called Mostly Stories, and I wrote a review of it for my friends at Decider!

Here’s an excerpt:

So far he has learned that hiring a personal trainer is fraught with unforeseen dangers, that he doesn’t know how to handle someone else’s crying baby in a movie theater, and that people in different parts of the country behave pretty much how you’re imagining them — you’re not fooling anyone into thinking you’re as good as the real Paris just because you’ve built a miniature version of the Eiffel Tower in your town, Tennessee. Segura already has the old-guy persona – cranky but confident – down pat. If only he could figure out how to skip ahead a year or 30, like an elementary-school student skipping a grade, and “just land at retirement.”

Read the rest of my review of Tom Segura’s special via Decider.

And the official teaser trailer. Roll it.

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