Month: December 2015

In Memoriam: The Year in R.I.P. in Comedy, 2015

Let us take one more look back at the comedians we still love and miss so dearly, who left us in the past year. Jason R. Chin (died Jan. 8, 2015), 46 Taylor Negron (died Jan. 10), 57 Harris Wittels (died Feb. 19), 30 Jenna McMahon (died March 2), 89 Sam Simon (died March 8), 58 Anne Meara (died May 23), 85 Rick Ducommun (died June 12), 62 Jack Rollins (died June 18), 100 Phil Austin (died June 18), 74 Dick Van Patten (died June 23), 86 Pam Matteson (died June 23), 61 Jack Carter (died June 28), 93...

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Mike Epps: “Don’t Take It Personal” on Netflix

Mike Epps is the life of the party this Friday, the Next Friday, the Friday After Next, and so on and so forth. You get it. But does that make his stand-up worth watching? Well, that’s a different question and answer than wondering, is Mike Epps funny? Yes and no. From my review today of his new Netflix stand-up special, Don’t Take It Personal, published today on Now 45, Epps has four children from previous relationships, and he’s two decades removed from his first big break as a stand-up on Def Comedy Jam. He doesn’t sound all that...

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Episode #48: 2015 Comedy MVPs with Jason Zinoman of the New York Times

New York Times critic Jason Zinoman joined me for a special year in review of 2015. Instead of just glossing over the headlines like most year-end retrospectives, Jason and I debated what it means to be the comedian of the year and who deserves to be considered in that discussion for 2015. Which means we talk quite a bit about Amy Schumer, obviously, but also Tig Notaro, Aziz Ansari, Kevin Hart, Louis CK, Jim Gaffigan and a lot of other names and highlights — not just this year, but digging into the past. Is the best comedian the Humor...

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Most-liked Instagrams for The Comic’s Comic in 2015

You can look back on a calendar year from many different perspectives and points of entry. Your memories flash in front of you. And then a website comes and calculates how other people viewed your year for you. Or one slice of your view. Such is, which takes an Instagram handle, calculates the most-liked photos posted on that account in the year, and then produces a new nine-photo collage for you. So. Here are the nine photos you liked most from my Instagram account for thecomicscomic in 2015. Granted, I post both professional and personal photos, so you can...

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Jerry Lewis claims “The Day The Clown Cried” will remain unseen, offers fresh opinions on Fallon, Colbert and Fey

People are talking about a new Jerry Lewis interview today, but they’ve completely missed the actual news. I’ve learned over the years that asking anyone about their own lives and experiences is amazingly educational and oftentimes illuminating and inspiring — asking them for their opinions on current events, much less so. Opinions can change. Opinions can be wrong. Your experience is your truth, though. So forget what Jerry Lewis thinks about ISIS and The Donald. More importantly, Lewis told Raymond Arroyo in an interview broadcast Dec. 17 on EWTN Global Catholic Network that he DID NOT give the print...

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