Month: December 2015

Episode #47: Dan Pasternack

Dan Pasternack and I go back to 2007, when I was just thinking about launching The Comic’s Comic while he was actually launching Super Deluxe. Dan’s career started when he was just a kid, with a song on the Dr. Demento show, and he’s met or worked with just about everybody — even becoming close friends with the great Jonathan Winters. Dan helped launch almost every IFC series you love, and he’s doing the same thing now as head of Big Beach TV. He also has an amazing signed comedy record collection that he writes about for McSweeney’s. But...

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Bill Burr’s “F is for Family” on Netflix: Going #TBT Home for the Holidays

Home for the holidays? Bill Burr’s new animated series for Netflix, F is for Family, will put you in just the right mood while also sending you back to the 1970s. From my review: “F is for Family sneaks up on you and into your heart, much like the first Simpsons Christmas special did. It may not be the happy ending you were looking for, but it’s the real family ending we need. How well will the Murphys age? Will they age in future seasons? Those are questions I look forward to finding out the answers to for years...

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Episode #46: Artie Lange

You’ve heard the gravelly voice of Artie Lange for two decades now, as he’s climbed the comedy ranks from MADtv to Dirty Work, The Norm Show and The Howard Stern Show. Over the past five years, his amazing comeback has seen him write a second best-selling memoir, and launch radio talk shows for DirecTV and SiriusXM — now he’s hosting an uncensored podcast with a unique paid subscription model out of his home in Hoboken. His 2016 will kick off in grand style, not only by telling jokes onstage at midnight at The Comedy Cellar in NYC, but also making featured...

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The definitive guide to comedy festivals for 2016

PLEASE GO TO MY NEWLY CREATED COMEDY FESTIVALS FOR A MORE TIMELESS LISTING OF ALL OF THE CURRENT FESTS Almost nine years ago now, the seeds of The Comic’s Comic firmly planted themselves into my brain during a blizzard of snow and laughs in Aspen, Colo. Back then, you had Aspen and Montreal. Those were the two places to see the entire comedy industry converge, merge and splurge. New talent rubbing shoulders with veteran theater-filling headliners, all attracting the attention of agents, managers and bookers. HBO handled the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival each February in a ritzy ski resort...

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The roads not taken: Owen Benjamin, Neil Hamburger offer wildly different visions of life on the road as a comedian

These last weeks of the calendar year can be delicate times for comedians. Do you have family obligations? Do you not have family to go home to? Do you have to work on Christmas or New Year’s Eve? Are you forever scanning the Internet to see if your name pops up on a year-end list of reviews? No matter how you answer those, you may find yourself assessing, re-assessing and having your career called into question by friends, family and even yourself. Two new movies may help refocus you, or at the very least offer a fresh perspective for...

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