RIP Yogi Berra, America’s funniest baseball player

Yogi Berra has won more World Series rings than almost anyone who’ll ever live, and said more quotably funny punchlines than any comedian who has ever lived.

So let’s take a moment to pay tribute to the Hall of Fame New York Yankee catcher who famously said, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over,” and so many other stupidly clever bon mots. Berra died Tuesday. He was 90.

Major League Baseball has produced more than a few funny baseball players — Bill Lee was known in the 1970s as the “Spaceman” and still is, Bob Uecker has been a hit off the field in TV ads and movies for generations, and Brandon McCarthy (no relation) racks up even more RTs than Ks on Twitter — but nobody can touch Yogi Berra as America’s funniest baseball player.

Some quotes you’ve heard more than once or twice from the mouth of Yogi:

  • “90% of the game is half-mental.” also shared as “Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.”
  • “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”
  • “It ain’t over till it’s over.”
  • “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”
  • “Thank you for making this day necessary.”
  • “It’s déjà vu all over again”
  • “You can observe a lot by watching.”
  • “Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t go to yours.”
  • “A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.”
  • “If the people don’t want to come out to the ballpark, nobody’s going to stop them.”
  • “He hits from both sides of the plate. He’s amphibious.”
  • “The future ain’t what it used to be.”

Visit the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center on the campus of Montclair State University in Little Falls, N.J.

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