On the flip side of the honors awarded those who shine at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, there are hundreds of other comedians making do with whatever reviews and audiences they could get throughout the month of August in soggy Scotland.

Kyle Kinane and Colt Cabana both managed to still laugh at themselves and the process of trying to stand out among so many other stand-ups, sketch groups and performance artists.

Kinane posed next to one of the fliers advertising his show, crossing a line through his show title “Ghost Pizza Party” and writing a new title next to it: “I’m Fat Now and I Hate All My Jokes.”

Cabana, meanwhile, produced a video of himself naively giving up wrestling for a full-time career in comedy, only to have all of the comedians and crowds in the UK seemingly hate on him. He jokingly Tweeted at me when the official Comedy Awards named its shortlist, telling me: “I wont for Stupidest Show! Pretty proud of that award!” Of course, he couldn’t even spell “won” correctly. Stupidest, indeed!

Love you, buddy. Roll the clip!