Classic role reversal going on here, as Margaret Cho stars in a brand-new Funny or Die video that imagines “if women ran the writers room of the hottest new network sitcom.”

Of course, it’s also hilarious that in this parallel universe, that sitcom is The DUFF and The DILF. You’ll have to ask your hip friends if the lingo and acronyms escape you. And you’ll have to ask the networks why they haven’t already greenlit this series. I mean, they said yes at some point to Cougar Town, Selfie and Work It. Actually, that’s all ABC. Get ABC on the horn!

Co-starring as Cho’s writers: Mel Shimkovitz, Ali Wong, Brittani Nicols, Santina Muha, Trian Long-Smith, Marcy Jarreau. With Amos Vernon as the token white male intern.

Roll it!