Funny because it’s true? Watch “12 Years a Bringer”

Bringer, (noun? adjective? adverb? all of the above!): In comedy terms, a bringer is a booked stand-up showcase in which the producer requires each comedian to recruit a pre-determined number of paying customers into the club before said comedian may perform on said show.

In some instances, the comedian may be offer some friends/coworkers/naive strangers a discount on the cover charge or drink minimums. But usually not.

The show guarantees the club and the producer money, with all of the risk and promotional stakes on the comedian. Who always is a new comedian, since any comedian with professional and business skills would rather get passed as a paid regular at a club or start their own show (in which case, they’re putting themselves in charge of bringing or not an audience).

Sounds like a blast, doesn’t it? Now comes J-L Cauvin, New York City stand-up comedian and one of our favorite inside-jokesters, with his latest short film about comedians and the comedy business at large. It’s called “12 Years a Bringer.”

Roll the clip!

Written and directed by J-L Cauvin who also plays the club manager. With Chris Lamberth as Solomon, and Mike Brown, Brandon Collins, John Minus, Neil Charles and Rae Sanni as fellow bringer comics.

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