Frank Garcia-Hejl presents “Oh No!”

That Frank Garcia-Hejl is showcasing his characters and impersonations to audiences of hundreds on weeknights in a basement, instead of to millions live on Saturday nights, really owes more to happenstance and turns of fate. For now.

Watching Garcia-Hejl’s current one-man show, “OH NO!”, at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City will make you feel grateful for being among the former and yearn for the latter.

OhNo_Frank_Garcia_HejlWe’re introduced to him first as Preston Santiago, author of the book “Life Vibration” which consists of case studies of various people living in their own personal hell. Ergo, “OH NO!” That’s Santiago’s catchphrase. With apologies to Mr. Bill.

In between meeting each case study —¬†Officer Raycheck, a detective so lonely he fantasizes his murder victims were his best friends; Theodore Holloway, who lives in paranoia of being tickled; Malcolm Vest, a douchey nightclub patron trying to remember a drink order; Gage, a cocaine fiend; and Cubby Bangs, a rock radio DJ with a short attention span — we’re treated to testimonials from various celebrities.

The testimonials not only allow Garcia-Hejl time for quick-changes in and out of character, but also put his arsenal of celebrity impersonations front and center. In this show, you’ll see him transform into Seth Rogen, Dan Aykroyd, Nick Offerman, Vince Vaughn and George Lopez.

Frank Garcia-Hejl as Seth Rogen auditioning for Game of Thrones:

Garcia-Hejl, as Dan Aykroyd shilling his vodka:

Garcia-Hejl, as Nick Offerman:

Garcia-Hejl, as Vince Vaughn, using Twitter:

In the show, Garcia-Hejl’s Vaughn is even more delirious and hilarious.

His closing number, as the DJ Cubby Bangs who only plays the parts of classic songs he likes, defends his practice by boasting:¬†“Skipping the boring parts is the living tits!” He also says at another segue: “I Frankensteined the crap out of that song because the rest of it was hot garbage!”

So, too, “OH NO!” skips all of the boring parts and hot garbage of a one-man show and cuts straight to the living tits.

Frank Garcia-Hejl presents “OH NO!” at the UCB Theatre in Chelsea tonight (May 25) and June 5.

Top: Frank Garcia-Hejl, photographed at the UCB Theatre in August 2014 by Mindy Tucker.

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