Sneak peek at TV Land’s “The Jim Gaffigan Show”

The Jim Gaffigan Show doesn’t premiere on TV Land until July 15, but creators Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan already have let us in on a limited-time sneak peek of a full episode that features a ton of cameos by comedians and media personalities, all playing themselves.

Including Gaffigan himself — characterized in this first episode at one point by a fan as “My 10-year-old brother’s favorite comedian.”

It’s available now until May 30 on

“Jeannie and I can’t wait for everyone to see what we have in store for The Jim Gaffigan Show. Rather than telling everyone that we’re doing something different, we want to let people see for themselves,” Jim Gaffigan. His wife, Jeannie added: “Doing a sneak peek on of a full episode fits the vision Jim and I had for doing something unique with this television opportunity.”

Jim and Jeannie wrote this sneak-peek episode, “The Bible Story,” in which Jim is outed as a Christian after a fan posts a photo of him holding a bible on social media. The episode’s featured guest stars include Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, Lea Delaria, Rachel Maddow, Nancy Grace, Joe Scarborough, Jake Tapper, Don Lemon and Glenn Beck. I’d tell you a bunch more, but it’s fun for you to watch it yourself, right?

Oh, fine. Here are some more clues from Jim and Jeannie:

Don’t let that May 15 date fool you, though. It’s up online already!

And you’ll also see appearances from Lizz Winstead and Judy Gold, featured extra cameos from Ted Alexandro, Karen Bergreen, Ray DeVito, Giulia Rozzi, Seth Herzog, plus H. Jon Benjamin and Michael Ian Black playing colorful characters. Adam Goldberg plays a fellow comedian and Jim’s best friend, there at shows at places like Gotham Comedy Club and meals afterward at places like Katz’s Deli. Ashley Williams plays the TV version of Jeannie.

It plays really fun and funny and the fact that so many fun people have signed onto it bodes well for its success. It’s as much like Louie as much as Louie turned to be like Seinfeld. Or Maron, even. With Gaffigan a happily married comedian with five kids under one tiny NYC apartment roof, and a delightfully non-controversial reputation onstage, too, it gives him a more accessible route to a broader viewership. Even if it is on TV Land. And I’d be saying all of this whether or not I — full disclosure — appear as an extra in upcoming episodes, too.

The 11-episode first season debuts July 15, 2015, on TV Land, with repeats expected on Comedy Central.

Here’s another teaser to whet your appetite until then. Enjoy!

Watch a full episode of The Jim Gaffigan Show for a limited time at

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