George Miller died in 2003 from complications of leukemia at the age of 61, but before that, the stand-up comedian from the Seattle area had appeared some 56 times on David Letterman’s NBC and CBS late-night TV shows.

“George was my oldest friend, and one of the funniest people I ever knew,” Letterman said when Miller died. “We are all very sad that he is gone.”

On Wednesday’s episode of Late Show with David Letterman, Dave welcomed Norm Macdonald back to the show one last time, and as mutual admirers of Miller, they devoted a couple of minutes to sharing some of their favorite jokes and stories of his. Macdonald picked a classic quip of Miller trying to explain something to his mother, while Letterman chose a bit of mistaken identity. Always a joy to watch two great comedians sharing their love for another great comedian.

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