Something felt a little different this Labor Day weekend. What could it have been? Oh, that's right. The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon. When I was a kid in Connecticut, the telethon aired on the most popular station (WFSB, Ch. 3) and without cable, it was the only thing on for Labor Day. Now, of course, we've got plenty of distractions and in NYC, the telethon airs on Ch. 9 and I almost forgot it even happened. Thank goodness for Internets. Because someone named "rkoisgod2009" recorded and uploaded this masterpiece of cuchi cuchi ("cougar" edition), and, words are failing even me right now. I got to meet Charo two decades ago. To think she is not only capable of doing this on TV, but willing to do this on TV, is amazing. Funny for all of the right (and all of the wrong) reasons. If we all give to the MDA now, will they promise to bring Charo back next year?

There was some actual comedy on the show, too. I think. After the jump, a video from Ralphie May backstage at the telethon, telling viewers why he helps out Jerry's kids, plus a segment from the 1990s with Jerry Lewis telling Jerry Seinfeld how to make his sitcom better. Did he follow the advice? Would you?

Yes, that's the late Ed McMahon you hear introducing Jerry Lewis and Jerry Seinfeld at one of the old telethons:

And here's a video promo for the telethon that promised lots of the top comedians. I love how in the collage, there's still room for Yakov Smirnoff. What a country.