GSN, the Game Show Network, announced Tuesday during its annual Upfront presentation that it has ordered a brand-new game show hosted by and starring comedians, Lie Detectors.

Rove McManus will host, and contestants from the audience will face off against three comedians to determine which of the three is telling the truth about an outrageous fact. Fastest winning audience members will get to play for the big cash prizes.

Consider it a modern-day update and equivalent of To Tell The Truth and parlor games Balderdash and Two Truths and a Lie — only with comedians testing your ability to decipher fact from fiction.

Lie Detectors is produced by Jim Co., and executive-produced by Jim Biederman, Marla Ratner and Tim Fornara. It’s based on an original idea by Tim Fornara of Kobiyoshi (Failosophy).

McManus previously hosted RIOT, an improvised comedy showcase that aired last summer on FOX. He spoke to The Comic’s Comic then about that show and his experience transitioning from Australian talk show host to American comic and game-show host.