Month: December 2014

Baring all onstage: The Naked Comedy Show goes all the way in Long Island City

Sharing your honest self onstage as a comedian gets a lot more honest once you’ve not only shed any persona, alter ego, reputation or gimmick you use, but also every ounce of clothing you normally cover yourself with to further enhance whatever brand you want the audience to perceive. So if you really want to see the essence of stand-up comedians, see them naked. With his or her permission, of course. It’s been done before, you know. I know, having interviewed Andy Ofiesh nine years ago in Boston, where he occasionally has hosted and produced naked comedy shows over...

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Go go support the LOVE Gilda documentary on Gilda Radner on Indiegogo

Director Lisa D’Apolito was halfway through production of a documentary on the late Gilda Radner when she ran out of funds, so she turned to Indiegogo for help. She’s raised just more than half of the $50,000 she needs to finish LOVE Gilda — The Legacy of Gilda Radner. D’Apolito has until Jan. 21, 2015, to reach the goal. Let’s help her achieve that. D’Apolito writes: Five years ago I was working as a producer in an advertising agency that had agreed to do a pro bono video for Gilda’s Club NYC.  While I didn’t know much about the organization .  I remembered...

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Maybe See TV? The month in pilots, script commitments and development deals (Dec. 27, 2014)

You’ll hear a lot in the trades and the trade winds from now through pilot season, which starts in earnest in January, all the way up to the cable Upfronts in the spring and the broadcast network Upfronts in May — when TV programmers present their new and returning lineups to impress and attract advertisers for 2015-2016. When a network orders a pilot to series, that’s newsworthy and vital information for you to know. Everything else is speculation. In fact, that’s what the programming suits do is invest in a speculative market, buying up sitcom ideas and their writers and producers,...

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Review: Bill Burr, “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way” (Netflix)

His latest stand-up comedy special eschews color, either literally onscreen or indirectly via color commentary cutaway shots of the audience. Bill Burr’s “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way,” new this month to Netflix, is a stark black-and-white production. Look at Burr. Hear what he’s telling you. Watch as he acts out and emotes in a more joyous way than perhaps ever before. It’s not quite his own 50 shades of gray, although you may find yourself enjoying it so much you want to tell all your friends to dig in, too. Or you may just want to rent a...

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Review: Pauly Shore Stands Alone (Showtime)

Not even Pauly Shore‘s fans were prepared for how good this new film is. A quarter-century after “The Weasel” popped on MTV and more than a decade after he stopped becoming a reliable box-office star, Shore spent much of his personal and professional capital making light of his status through multiple mockumentary TV series, specials and movies. He finally drops the facade in his latest documentary, Pauly Shore Stands Alone, which debuted this month on Showtime. Pauly Shore Stands Alone lets us know what it’s really like to be the young son of the Shore family, caring for an...

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