Friends of the People completely owns TV weather kids segments that own local morning TV news

The secret to comedy, of course, is TIMING.

Whether it’s knowing when it’s too soon or when tragedy plus time equals comedy, or the actual pacing of your vocal delivery, a good joke can either flail or fly based on when it lands in your eyes and ear holes.

So imagine the great fortune for new TruTV sketch group and series, Friends of the People. They wrote a sketch months ago about local TV newscasts that do stunts in the morning such as inviting a child onto the set to help with the live weather forecasts.

Just last Friday, WGN in Chicago set all our ha-ha-hearts aflutter with this second-grader, Charlie Hale. You probably saw his trick-or-treat shared your way last weekend more than once. WGN even went the current-clickbait-SEO-headline route, screaming: “Hilarious kid completely owns Friday Forecaster segment.”

Now here’s Jennifer Bartels as a Nebraska child named Bobby Gubbs who gives the Channel 9 crew more news than they can handle. It’ll air next Tuesday on Friends of the People. Also featuring Marina Franklin as one of the morning anchors who tries to keep her cool amid the devastating news that keeps rolling in. Speaking of which: Roll the clip!

Here’s that WGN segment from last Friday, in case you missed it.

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