Top Five film clip: Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan rank their top five rappers of all time

You may have noticed Chris Rock and other comedians weighing in over the past day with their Top Five lists of all-time rappers.

It’s all a tie-in to Rock’s new movie, Top Five, and this scene from it, wherein Rock’s comedian/actor character Andre Allen comes home to a welcome and drunken audience that includes Sherri Shepherd, Tracy Morgan, Leslie Jones, Michael Che and Jay Pharoah. No need to hide the liquor, as they’re launching into their own discussion of the best rhymers in the game.

When Jones’s character suggests that the late Tupac Shakur could have gone into politics had he not been gunned down, Rock’s Allen responds: “Tupac might be a political leader. if he was alive. But, but, then again, Tupac might be in a Tyler Perry right now. So, you don’t know!”

Roll the clip to see where other rappers from the past 35 years get ranked according to Rock’s and Morgan’s characters.

Top Five opens nationwide Dec. 12, 2014.

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