As Netflix continues to add new stand-up comedy specials to its arsenal, Amazon had to counter.

Today, Amazon announced it was buying Rooftop Comedy. Reuters broke the news, with a statement from Audible CEO¬†Donald Katz that the company had been attracted by Rooftop’s content library and talent pool. Amazon bought Audible back in 2008, and plans to put Rooftop’s 10-employee company based in San Francisco under it with all of the audio from stand-up albums available on Audible.

Rooftop Comedy records, produces and distributes live comedy performances from comedy clubs around the world, cutting them up into bite-sized clips. Its record label produces and releases dozens of new stand-up comedy albums each year. In the past, Rooftop Comedy also produced cable TV shows packaging those clips, as well as a comedy festival in Aspen, Colo.