The good news: Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara are reuniting for a new TV series that’ll air in both Canada and the United States, and they’re bringing Chris Elliott along with them.

The “bad” news: Now we’re going to hear a lot more people saying and typing Schitt’s Creek for shits and giggles.

Already set to debut in January 2015 on CBC, Schitt’s Creek was picked up today by POP — the cable channel currently known as TV Guide Network or TVGN — becoming the first original scripted project for that channel.

The first 13-episode season stars Levy, O’Hara, Elliott, plus Levy’s son, Daniel Levy, and Annie Murphy, as a family that used to be filthy rich and now is just plain filthy.

And here’s your first look:

The Rose family consists of father Johnny (Levy) as a former magnate of video stores, mother Moira (O’Hara) the soap opera star, and kids David (Daniel Levy) and Alexis (Murphy), who move into the town they bought as a joke.

“This show answers the question — what would the Kardashians do if they woke up one day completely broke?” said Brad Schwartz, President of Entertainment and Media, POP. “Not only is this project a clever cultural commentary where the 1 percent is suddenly the 99, but it fits right in the heart of everything we’re building at our new network. It’s a dream cast, it’s hysterically funny, and it’s sure to pop.”

“It took a very special project like Schitt’s Creek to bring me back to television,” said Levy. “I’m thrilled to be reunited on-screen with my dear friend Catherine O’Hara and to have the opportunity to work with the wonderfully hilarious Chris Elliott, the up-and-coming Annie Murphy, and my son Dan, who is amazingly talented and a great partner — working together has only made me look better.”

Father-and-son Levy created the show and serve as executive producers along with Andrew Barnsley, Fred Levy and Ben Feigin.