Sketch comedy from Neil Casey and Will Hines: “Security Questions”

Will Hines and Neil Casey are two of the finest improvisers and sketch comedians in New York City, or your city if they were in and/or are coming to your city, and for a glorious time they performed sketches together in an Upright Citizens Brigade show called “Small Men.”

This is a sketch from that show. This is “Security Questions.” Watch and learn.

In a not-too-distant land, young would-be could-be funny people already are memorizing it to perform at their schools, their lunch tables, their talent shows, while slightly older people are mentioning it in their break rooms and wherever people who have not yet seen this sketch can be thoroughly awed.

Roll the clip!

Why it’s only now online for all of us to view is not the question. The question is moot. They’ve captured this sketch on film and video, and now we can view it and share it, and life is good.

Hines, for his part, shared on Facebook today these thoughts: “This looks so great, thanks to its director Michael Delaney (who also directed the stage show), its DP Todd Bieber (who was as always a one-man film studio/genius) and its producer, the relentlessly capable Julie Gomez! Thanks to everyone who’s being so generous about this, we are proud of it. Favorite moment: Neil’s specific keystrokes to delete the profile at the end (spoiler, not really).”

Casey is writing on Inside Amy Schumer, and last year wrote for Saturday Night Live. Hines has served as the academic supervisor for the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and is leaving NYC for Los Angeles. He also maintains a wonderfully insightful Tumblr about improvised comedy, Improv Nonsense.

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