Jim Gaffigan’s 2014 tryout with the Indianapolis Colts

Did you know Jim Gaffigan tried out for the Indianapolis Colts this summer?

Yeah, well. Not a spoiler alert, but Gaffigan did not make the 2014 Colts team, or even the practice squad. But he did eat some donuts, more doughnuts, exchanged words with Andrew Luck and said Pat McAfee smelled “like a canal.”

So there’s that.

Plus, watch to the end for a very special cameo. Roll the clip!

Speaking of which…

Gaffigan appeared on Wednesday night’s Late Show with David Letterman to promote his second book, “Food: A Love Story.” It comes out in October. Don’t expect him to change his mind about seafood and shellfish between now and then.

Drinking gravy: Also not the wisest idea.

Pre-order Jim Gaffigan’s “Food: A Love Story” now:

His first book, Dad Is Fat, was a best-seller.

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