Wendy Liebman’s semifinal performance on America’s Got Talent 2014

Wendy Liebman performed Tuesday night in the second semifinal of America’s Got Talent 2014, staying in the competition as a wildcard selection of judge Howard Stern.

All of the judges loved Liebman’s stand-up set, which applied her classic pauses and misdirection to material about her husband and what she’s learned about relationships. A lot going on in just a couple of minutes. Heidi Klum, who gave undue over-the-top criticism of Dan Naturman in the first semifinal, complimented Liebman for being relatable. Mel B loved her, too. Howie Mandel gave Liebman a standing ovation.

And Stern had the most effusive praise, saying: “I’m so glad I brought Wendy back. You know, it’s a great pleasure. Because it’s such a tough show for comics. You know, there’s so many people dazzling us with dance and music. This is so hard for someone to quiet the audience down, get control, and really make them laugh. And Wendy does it so well, and I hope America appreciates just how she brought her A game tonight. You can’t do better than this. C’mon. You gotta vote for Wendy. She deserves to be in this competition. Great job!”

You can vote for Liebman through Wednesday morning.

Roll the clip!

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