Which came first: The Onion’s satire of student athletes who rape, or the real thing?

Trick question.

This is a segment from Onion SportsDome that aired on Comedy Central in 2011.

As friend of the site Krister Johnson, who worked on Onion SportsDome, noted on Sunday: “It could have been produced by the CNN team covering the Steubenville rape verdict.”

On Sunday, two teen-age boys who play football for Steubenville High School were found guilty of raping a girl at a drunken party. This is CNN…reporting on the conviction. And emotionally connecting with the rapists and their “promising futures” now forever tainted.

Sometimes real life isn’t funny.

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4 thoughts on “Which came first: The Onion’s satire of student athletes who rape, or the real thing?

  1. “… labeled registered sex offenders. That label is now placed upon them by Ohio law…” Um… Didn’t they label themselves as sex offenders by raping and filming themselves talking about it in no uncertain terms? Amazing. I was laughing at The Onion’s video till 3/4 of the way in when I realized it was about to be superimposed over reality.

  2. This is unbelievable, they ARE sex offenders and they SHOULD be fucking labeled! Poor rapists, does anyone care about how the underage girls life that was forever changed by two football players raping her? They’re only crying cause they got caught, they thought it was pretty funny while they were taking pictures and laughing about it. I hope THEY get raped in jail.

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