Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen taped new episodes for Fall 2014!

For all the grief I’ve given Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen for airing repeats five nights a week for the past seven years

Our long national nightmare of seeing Harland Williams stuck in his 2007 style are over!

Comics Unleashed taped a batch of new episodes last week. Including Williams.

From Eric Peterkofsky, producer and spokesman for Entertainment Studios, on Aug. 20: “This first tape date of COMICS UNLEASHED went great! Thanks to all the comics who rocked our world: Harland Williams, Keith Alberstadt, Laurie Kilmartin, Arnez J, Pete Lee, Calise Hawkins, Gary Owen, Johnny Sanchez, Patrick Keane, Cory Kahaney, Steve Trevino, Mike Vecchione, Karlous Miller, Jodi Miller, John Roy, Tony Baker, Sarah Colonna, Ant, Al Jackson, and Andrew Norelli!”

Peterkofsky told The Comic’s Comic these new episodes will hit the airwaves in mid-to-late September.

Comics_Unleashed_logoThe weekly half-hour received another renewal in June for seasons nine and 10. It airs in markets covering 92 percent of the United States, including 14 CBS owned-and-operated stations — where Comics Unleashed typically follows The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson;¬†and in 2015, whatever CBS has replaced Ferguson with in the Late Late Show slot.

Mike Vecchione taped two episodes of Comics Unleashed, and told The Comic’s Comic he hadn’t done the show before, although he had performed on another of Allen’s series for Comedy.TV. “Byron is a super professional guy who really makes all of the comics on the panel look good,” Vecchione said. “He sets you up with the question and then just lets you roll. He also does a great job of keeping the live audience invested and showcases each comedian’s unique perspective. Positive experience all the way around.”

John Roy posted his AFTRA contract on Facebook and quipped: “Always happy to do a TV show that pays comics a union approved check!”

Above: Cory Kahaney, Karlous Miller, Byron Allen, Mike Vecchione and Harland Williams. Photo by Dennis Hardison/Entertainment Studios.

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5 thoughts on “Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen taped new episodes for Fall 2014!

  1. I do not understand why you call the old shows “new” with the original air date of the day you are watching it. I just saw a “new” episode where the first joke reference was to a Paris Hilton story from 2007. I do not mind watching reruns, but just call them that.

  2. You had a guy on your show named Pierre Edwards he sucks I don’t get how a man can just walk way from there child and not look back, how do you work every day but do care what happens to your child that good that I have good men in my life.Or he would not know what a good man looks like.He needs to work on being a better father because he is not that funny he sucks

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    I’d like to appear on “Comics Unleashed”.

    I love “Comics Unleashed,’ it’s on late so, everybody has time to get their last call supply of Crack, sit down, start smoking and tune in and hopefully not then tune out.

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