Character Actors Stand Up For Their Right To Star as Blockbuster Heroes

This is a cute and enriching thing Entertainment Weekly put out earlier this month, collecting character actors normally relegated to “That Guy from That Thing” roles and letting them stand up for their right to star as big-budget blockbuster superheroes. Thanks to Chris Pratt’s star turn in the fun Guardians of the Galaxy film.

Assembled here, our acting avengers include Matt Walsh (currently a supporting actor in big-budget summer disaster pic Into The Storm, as well as of course, Veep, and his role as UCB cofounder), along with other UCB star alums Rob Corddry and Rob Huebel, plus Scrubs alum Donald Faison. Donal Logue is in the upcoming FOX drama adaptation of Gotham and did have a kind of superpower in The Tao of Steve. And Doug Jones did play the Silver Surfer but you probably didn’t know that or remember the earlier Fantastic Four films, which are being rebooted.

Roll the clip!

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