For the first time in the 32-year history of the “Razzie” Awards “celebrating” the worst movies of the year, one actor’s vision swept by winning in all 10 categories. So, congrats, Adam Sandler?

With apologies to Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star, Twilight: Breaking Dawn — Part I, New Year’s Eve, Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon, the awards all went to Jack & Jill, thanks in part to Sandler’s decision to play the lead male and female parts in the supposed comedy.

Sandler “won” both Worst Actor and Worst Actress, while his film also took home Worst Picture, Worst Supporting Actor (Al Pacino, playing himself, who falls in love with Jill?!?), Worst Supporting Actress (David Spade, also in drag), Worst Director (Dennis Dugan, who also earned dishonors for Sandler’s other 2011 film, Just Go With It), Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel (kind of a stretch here, actually), Worst Screen Couple (for most of the pairings), Worst Screenplay and Worst Screen Ensemble.

For the first time, the Razzies (mostly voted upon online) were announced on April 1, after years of timing the announcements to the Oscars. In the past, Oscar winners Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock have had the senses of humor to show up to receive their reverse-Oscar Razzies.

“Adam Sandler has a pretty much basic attitude of, `No matter how dumb I make it, my fans are going to pay to see it,'” said Razzie founder John Wilson. “I guess it’s more about the complete lack of any genuine effort or concern or pride. An attitude of this is good enough, but when you consider what they’re charging for movie tickets today, it wasn’t good enough.┬áIt was good enough to get our attention. If you work with the attitude that you’re just going to be good enough, then you’re probably good enough for the Razzies.”

Jack & Jill pulled in slightly more than $74 million at the box-office last year, not good by Sandler’s own standard of at least reaching the $100-million benchmark, but still almost twice as much as his 2000 misfire, Little Nicky, and also beating the $51.8-million grosses of 2009’s Funny People. Ahem.

I didn’t see Jack & Jill on the big screen, but did have the misfortune of catching it on video. It was fairly retched and made you question if Sandler decided upon making Funny People that he might as well make all of the dumb movies his character supposedly had filmed as depicted in the lampooning movie posters.

Then again, the Twilight movies are beyond ridiculous, and who is even watching these Transformers robots fight and becoming emotionally invested in them, either?

As for 2012, the early leader for worst of the year clearly is The Three Stooges reboot, right?