Two Years Later: Caleb Medley on video, rehabbing at home after Aurora shooting

Two years ago, Caleb Medley was just another aspiring stand-up comedian and Batman fan taking his wife to a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

Medley was caught in the crossfire of a massacre at that July 20, 2012, screening in Aurora, Colo., shot in the head and eye. A dozen other movie patrons died that night. Family and friends raised money for Caleb to cover both his hospital bills as well as his wife’s, and they maintained a Facebook page to update his recovery and progress. His wife, Katie, was nine months pregnant; she survived the shooting and gave birth a few days later to the couple’s first son, Hugo.

See all three of them, plus Caleb’s father, Otis, as they help Caleb in his ongoing rehabilitation now. The Denver Post conducted this video interview, which also includes footage of Medley performing stand-up in Colorado two years ago, before the shooting.

It’s quite something to watch, and note that Medley not only wears a Batman shirt for the interview, but still has a room decked out in Batman signs and posters.

As Denver stand-up Ben Roy noted, sharing this video: “While I never had the chance to meet or see Caleb perform, I, like a lot of Denver folk, participated in benefits and charity shows to raise money for his wife and, at the time, unborn child. Comedians of all levels from around the country posted messages of well-wishing, love, and praise. The community felt it. And then, like most tragedies, the ripple subsides and we went back to our daily lives. But throughout that time I have found myself wondering as to the status of his recovery and rehabilitation. Well, yesterday the Denver Post released this video answering exactly that. This is pretty fucking amazing. I’m constantly in awe of the human character. And I’m also happy to see that even when injury has taken our ability to speak, it can’t steal our ability to swear. Hahahahaha. Real fucking cool. Watch.”

Go on. Watch!

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