Dana Carvey did many things to entertain you Thursday night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Carson — from playing a “Wheel of Impressions” with Fallon (in which they both dusted off impersonations of Al Pacino and Arnold Schwarzenegger), to performing his “Choppin’ Broccoli” song that won him a spot on Saturday Night Live three decades ago, only this time also backed by an orchestra.

But if you follow Carvey on Twitter @danacarvey — and he’ll follow you back! — then you would have known last week that he also has a new “Church Lady” cartoon out.

Carvey told Fallon that it’s part of an animated webseries and newspaper comic strip “start-up” called Beyond The Comics. I don’t know how long you get to call something a start-up, because The Comic’s Comic wrote about former SNL head writer Fred Wolf’s Beyond The Comics enterprise back in 2010. With plenty of fellow former SNL cast members on board lending their voices to the toons, including David Spade, Kevin Nealon, Jack Handey (Deep Thoughts), Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock and Dennis Miller. You can check out Beyond The Comics in newspapers including The Denver Post and The Monterey Herald.

Here’s Carvey explaining it with another toon tease on Fallon.

And this is “Choppin’ Broccoli,” once more, in real-life.

And for a flashback, check out the opening of Dana Carvey’s SNL audition from 1986.