The Fourth of July is one of those holiday weekends you may spend close to friends and family, and that’s where The State newspaper found comedian Liza Dye, slowly but surely recovering in Spartanburg, S.C., almost five months after she fell in the path of an oncoming NYC subway train.

Friends raised more than $77,000 to help Dye with her hospital bills and medical expenses.

Aziz Ansari helped put on a charity show for her. In an email to The State, Ansari wrote: “I didn’t know Liza before the incident but as soon as I found out she was a comic from South Carolina, I couldn’t help but feeling some kinship. The least I could do was do some benefit shows to raise some funds. Since the accident we’ve become friends and still keep in touch. I can’t wait to see her in NYC doing comedy.”

In May, three months after her accident — which required nine operations and almost cost her a leg, sheared to the bone from the train — Dye made it back onstage. The New York Times was there at Ars Nova when Dye, in a wheelchair, told the audience: “Places I’d rather be than Bellevue Hospital: Chris Brown’s arms. Hell. Donald Sterling’s heart.”
“One thing I’ve learned in the trauma wing at Bellevue,” she continued, “is that people who get hit by trains are a lot nicer than people who get hit by cars.”

Now July, Dye is resting up and recovering at home in South Carolina with her mother.

She’d only just moved to NYC in 2012 after dropping out of college, and within two years, she was getting spots around the city and landing her biggest spot in one of the group auditions for Saturday Night Live last winter. This video helped her make some waves.

But Dye told The State that after she fully heals, she intends to move to Los Angeles instead of back to NYC. In the meantime, she’s still connected to the world via social media, Twitter, Vine, Facebook and all.