Finally! Some great, encouraging news to share regarding comedian Ardie Fuqua, courtesy of our mutual friend and comedian, Wil Sylvince.

I’ll let Wil tell it to you straight:

“To all who’s concerned about Ardie Fuqua, he’s doing a lot better but still has a long way to fully recover. He’s finally in a rehabilitation hospital and out of intensive care. He’s breathing on his own, talking, joking, and smiling. Thank you so far for all your prayers, thoughts and everything else. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.”

Fuqua, 43, was in a limo van with Tracy Morgan and several other comedians on their way back from a gig four weeks ago when a tractor-trailer slammed into them from behind on the New Jersey Turnpike. One of their passengers, James “Jimmy Mack” McNair, died at the scene. Another comedian, Harris Stanton, broke his wrist but was treated and released from the hospital. Meanwhile, Morgan, Morgan’s assistant Jeffrey Millea, and Fuqua all were critically injured. They’re all slowly recovering. Morgan was transferred to an undisclosed rehab facility on June 20.

Around that same time, Amy Schumer started a fund to help support Fuqua and his family.

That GoFundMe charity for Ardie Fuqua and his family has raised upward of $53,000 as of today.

UPDATED: Ardie’s mother, Doris Fuqua, told The Jersey Journal that a prayer vigil will be held Monday night in Jersey City, where Ardie lives down the street from his mother and grew up. The vigil will take place from 6 to 7 p.m. Monday, July 7, on Wegman Parkway between Ocean and Garfield avenues in Jersey City. Trees along the block will be adorned with green ribbons (symbolizing brain) and black ribbons (symbolizing trauma).

Doris Fuqua told the paper that Ardie suffered a broken leg and is being treated for brain trauma as part of his three hours of daily physical therapy.

“He’s improving every day,” she said. “We still ask the public for their prayers, hoping everything will fall back into place.”