All the cool kids are petitioning Stephen Colbert to hire Dave Hill as his Late Show bandleader

Dave Hill‘s live show tonight in Brooklyn is titled Meet Me In The Bathroom and Tell Me All Your Secrets.

Hill’s fans, meanwhile, already are asking everyone to meet online at and tell everyone — specifically and most particularly, Stephen Colbert — via petition to “Hire Dave Hill as band leader of your talk show.”

The petition by fan Shawn Setnicky of Manchester Township, N.J., reads:

He’s funny, sexy, he can talk his way through any conversation like butter, and he’s one kick ass musician.

Sure, you could try and call King Diamond, but that guy’s usually out of the country and doesn’t answer his phone. Plus he plays with fire too much and you don’t want your beautiful wood floors to catch fire.

Dave on the other hand is one of the nicest and most rockin guys I know. 

With his fashion sense he could also double as wardrobe consultant. You ever need to take a vacation or call out sick? You’ve got a fill in standing twenty feet away.

Hill and his band, Valley Lodge, already have the theme song of John Oliver’s new HBO series, Last Week Tonight, to their credit.

The petition to get him the gig with Colbert’s Late Show on CBS — he’ll take over when David Letterman retires sometime in 2015 — already has some well-known supporters, signing the petition and using the Twitter hashtag #DaveHillForColbert. Such as Mark Hoppus, Kevin Allison, Martha Plimpton and Jesse Thorn.



And Hill himself helped jump-start this by writing to Colbert two days ago, after ReTweeting him: “Done. Now can I please be your band leader on the new show? America needs this, Stephen.”

Hill told The Comic’s Comic he’s serious.

“I think it’s really nice,” Hill told The Comic’s Comic. “I actually genuinely want the gig and am going to do everything in my power to get it, but I’m thrilled that people came up with the same idea without me even mentioning it.  It’s bold of me to say, but I believe I’m the best guy for the job and anyone else gets the job I will stab them.”

Does he have another late-night TV anthem in him?

“Of course I can whip another late night theme song!  I write those in my sleep!”

One gig he definitely has and will preside over happens tonight at The Bell House: his aforementioned “Meet Me In The Bathroom and Tell Me All Your Secrets” show with guests David Cross, Juliana Hatfield, Michael Che, Jean Grae, Kate Berlant, Marcus Monroe and Sean Donnelly.

Hill also has a radio show (The Goddamn Dave Hill Show, which took over “The Best Show’s” weekly slot on WFMU), and a podcast (Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident).

Top: Photo of Dave Hill and Valley Lodge by Mindy Tucker.

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