Six years after his Kill The Messenger special, Chris Rock finally is ready to put together a new stand-up tour. Rock announced he’ll mount “The Black Plague” Tour around October or November, making the announcement last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“The Black Plague? That’s what it’s called,” Fallon asked.

“Yeah. Spreading the black plague all over the world,” Rock replied. “Kanye gave me that name.”

That’d be Kanye West. Obviously.

No tour dates or ticket prices to tell you about just yet, though.

Rock is making the late-night rounds this month in advance of his hosting gig with The BET Awards at the end of June. He’s also been putting the final touches on his next film, Finally Famous, which he wrote, directed and stars in as a comedian trying to make it as a serious actor.

In between all of that, Rock has spent the better part of the past couple of years crafting his new hour-plus of stand-up material, with unannounced drop-in sets in New York City and surprise weekend engagements recently in New Jersey.

Here is Chris Rock talking about his tour, and the upcoming BET Awards, in a clip from last night’s Tonight Show: