Rob Riggle replaces Frank Caliendo as funny football prognosticator on “FOX NFL Sunday”

The FOX NFL Sunday crew won’t have to face impersonations of themselves this fall.

FOX announced during halftime of Sunday’s 49ers-Broncos game that Rob Riggle will take Frank Caliendo’s place on the network’s weekly pre-game show, beginning with the first Sunday of the NFL regular season on Sept. 9.

Caliendo already told his fans via Twitter back on Aug. 2 that he wouldn’t be returning, writing: “To all my fans who’ve ben asking-I wont be back atFOX this season.I love those guys,but its time 4 my next venture #WillLetUKnowMoreWhenICan”

On Sunday night, meanwhile, Riggle wrote to his Twitter followers: “So excited to join the FOX NFL Sunday Show!!! I have no idea what we’re gonna do, but we’re gonna fun… I know that!”

Riggle hosted the ESPY Awards in July, and previously appeared in a series of fantasy football videos for in 2010. Here is a video he made for this summer’s ESPYs showing how he defeated his celebrity buddies, including several of his fellow Upright Citizen Brigade comedians, in fantasy football. Oh, and Tom Brady is in this. Roll it.

“Nothing against Frank, we love Frank,” FOX producer Chris Pizzi told USA Today. “But it’s been nine years. We wanted something fresh. Rob is on the edge of becoming a huge star. We want to help him. And that helps our show too. Now, everybody just knows him as the guy in that movie.”

For his part, Riggle told the newspaper that he certainly isn’t known for his celebrity impersonations: “I truly don’t know why they picked me.”

Riggle, 42, is both a military veteran (U.S. Marines), and a comedy veteran, trained at the UCB and rising up through the ranks to positions on the casts of Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  His film credits include 21 Jump Street, The Other Guys and The Hangover.

Riggle now joins Terry Bradshaw, Curt Menefee, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson, Michael Strahan, and Jay Glazer on the pregame show where he’ll both star in comedy segments as well as compete with the panel in predicting each week’s winners on the field.

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9 thoughts on “Rob Riggle replaces Frank Caliendo as funny football prognosticator on “FOX NFL Sunday”

  1. I am not happy that Frank Caliendo has been replaced!!! He was the only reason I watched every Sunday! I’m very disappointed.

  2. Yes, bring back Frank. Sorry to say the new guy did not make me laugh. I always looked forward to watching the Fox NFL crew because Frank was my favorite highlight. Guess I won’t be watching anymore. If you ask me even Terry, Howie, Mike and the rest of the group did not seem to be entertained. Did not see any laughs coming from them either.

  3. Do not like the new guy. Not at all funny. I will miss Frank’s routine but just skip watching when Riggle is on. The guys are great so I will continue watching because of them. Replace Riggle next year. Good Luck to him !

  4. This is my favorite pre-game show! I scurry out to get my Sunday paper and be back in front of the TV by 12 noon. But please, Rob Riggle is not funny. When he comes on I get up and go do a chore (load the washing machine, etc.). Bring back Frank or get someone else but please, not Rob Riggle.

  5. I am so very disappointed, the only reason I ever watched the Fox pregame show is for Frank Caliendo, I would turn it there about 15 min. before the start of the early games to see his comedy and his picks. This new guy is not funny at all, I find it so horrid. I think Fox just got upset because he constantly made fun of the Fox Panel and some of the Horrid NFL teams, but I for one found it funny, even when he was making fun of a team I like. Some people just get upset too easily and have no sense of humor.

  6. what a lose,,,,,,,,,,,,, what a shame frank is gone.
    funny ,a true comic ,,works well with the fox sports gang……..

  7. I agree with everyone else; Riggle Sucks! He is not remotely funny and they were morons to replace Frank who was hysterical. I just don’t watch it anymore. Maybe they’ll get a clue and replace the loser with someone who can do impressions and understands comedy.

  8. How is Rob Riggle even in show business? He is not funny at all. He’s like that loser in high school who thinks he’s the funniest guy but nobody laughs at anything he says

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