Before you sit down to watch another episode of The Price is Right this morning, sit back and take a second look at yesterday’s episode of the celebrated game show from all of the angles.

That’s right.

The show, hosted by Drew Carey, gave viewers a chance to watch the June 4, 2014, telecast on their TVs, and then a second-screen experience streaming on YouTube that showed all-access behind-the-scenes how it looked to produce the episode.

From the moment Drew Carey steps backstage — and I bet you never thought of how the stage really looks from his perspective — throughout the whole show, including post-show interviews with the contestants.


It gives you a great perspective on what it’s really like to make a game show on TV.

Here is the full video which gave both East Coast and West Coast viewers a chance to check in on all of the action from 18 different camera angles, following host Drew Carey, announcer George Gray, models Rachel Reynolds and Amber Lancaster, director Adam Sandler, executive producer Mike Richards and the entire TPIR crew.

Roll it!