With less than a week to go before premiere of season 8 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, the network has unveiled new promotional videos and unleashed all of the 100 comedians who participated in the invite-only auditions.

They started telling their friends on Facebook, Twitter and other even more sociable methods for communication on Thursday. Even though we spotted several of them in the quick-edit first teaser trailers last month.

Now we’re getting even more clips to chew on. Here is DeAnne Smith, who has a new catchphrase. “Tell it to my balls!”

Lachlan Patterson and Rod Man decide to become friends. Is this an alliance that will serve them well, pray tell?

Guy Branum‘s audition is here, in full!

And this is a small snippet of Joe Machi:

Whom are you most looking forward to seeing and rooting on this season? Let me, let us know! Then we can watch the show together!

Note: The Last Comic Standing Facebook page also has posted preview clips featuring jokes from Nick Guerra and Dave Stone, as of this posting.

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Season 8 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing premieres Thursday, May 22, with a two-hour debut.