Conan O’Brien recorded a couple of music sessions on vinyl in 2010 for Third Man Records when he was making the transition from NBC to TBS, from The Tonight Show to Conan.

Now he and Team Coco are ready make their own records.

Or CDs, mp3s or whatever you kids are calling them these days since they’re not actually records, except for the rare cases in which your recordings still are. Oh, semantics. Regardless! Team Coco Records.

Team Coco made the announcement on Monday via TBS, already having recorded the first stand-up comedy album for the label from Ian Edwards.

“100% Half Assed” by Ian Edwards┬átaped March 8, 2014, at the La Jolla Comedy Store. It’ll come out in June.

Team Coco says: “The concept for the new record label was born of an organic desire to help shine a spotlight on rising comedians while allowing them more creative control and a greater stake in the success of the release.” The new label cited Edwards’ “unique perspective, creative use of language and ability to blend stand-up and sketch comedy” as reasons to launch the label with his album.

Team Coco already has done that on TV by sprouting a second late-night TV series, The Pete Holmes Show, which follows Conan at midnight Eastern/Pacific.


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