Jesse Ventura for President in 2016? Here’s a vote for a Ventura-Adomian ticket!

Is former wrestler and Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura a potential presidential candidate in 2016? Isn’t anyone at this point over the age of 35 who is an American citizen? Well, yes on both counts.

But before you start your own conspiracy theories, hear me out. Or, rather, hear out James Adomian, who lays out Ventura’s political platform perhaps better than even “the Body” himself could. You still won’t get a solid answer. You will, however, find yourself slowly coming around to supporting a Ventura-Adomian ticket three Novembers from now. Roll the clip!

Credits: Funny Or Die, James Adomian, DeMorge Brown, mowelch, Ian Pfaff, Betsy Koch, mattmazany, Aaron Ulrich, Chris Mills, keganswyers, and Caleb Swyers

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