GoatFace + Das Racist = “Girl” music video + Deal or No Deal

What happens when you take an alternative hip-hop trio from Brooklyn known for its sense of humor — Das Racist — and ask a Los Angeles comedy sketch group to film its newest music video, with a starring role for a former Deal or No Deal briefcase holder?

You get “Girl,” as in the lady Hayley Marie Norman (who earned her first big break holding case #25 whenever Howie Mandel asked her to “open your case” on the Deal game show), pursued romantically by comedian Fahim Anwar, one-fourth of GoatFace. Its other members are Hasan Minhaj, Asif Ali and Aristotle Athiras, the latter of whom directed the video for “Girl.”

Roll the clip!

Now about that hair and those dance moves…

Fahim Anwar explained his choices in this role to The Comic’s Comic.

“The inspiration behind the character, hair, etc…came from an existing sketch myself and Aristotle did in the past called “Dirty Breakin’.” Melissa Villasenor is in it, too. This guy is just an amalgam of Patrick Swayze, Kevin Bacon and Jean Claude van Damme. Basically, the prototypical smoky lead in any ’80s dance movie. When Heems from Das Racist handed Goatface the keys to do whatever we wanted for the music video, I figured this character would be perfect to bring back and woo any potential hottie. My cousin does hair and gave me extensions. I clip ’em in whenever I have to be this guy.

“As for the dancing, it’s just a skill I have, I guess. I’ve never taken dancing lessons or anything. I used to be really into Michael Jackson when I was a kid and mimicked him all the time. That got me into dancing and it’s just evolved into whatever it is today. I don’t even know what I’m doing. Music plays and my body moves how it sees fit. It’s weird and there’s no thinking involved.”

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