Month: February 2014

Jay Leno surprises Arsenio Hall by announcing second-season renewal of The Arsenio Hall Show

“Actually, on the second season, I’m going to be hosting. They didn’t tell you that part.” — Jay Leno, right before hugging Arsenio Hall, who has that reaction (above), after Leno first read a certified letter on-air during Wednesday night’s Arsenio announcing his late-night TV show had been renewed for a second season. The Arsenio Hall Show is syndicated and distributed by CBS Television Distribution, and produced by Eye Productions Inc., Octagon Entertainment Productions and Tribune Broadcasting.┬áIn addition to Tribune Broadcasting, which airs the show on 17 of its stations — WPIX in NYC, KTLA in LA and WGN...

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Comedian Jim Jefferies and his parallel universe as comedian Jim Jefferies in FXX’s Legit

In the second-season premiere of Legit (debuting tonight on FXX), comedian Jim Jefferies plays comedian Jim Jefferies as a guest on the radio talk show Loveline with Dr. Drew, and is forced to confront his possible sex/porn addiction. As much as critics may have wanted to compare Louis C.K.’s Louie initially to Seinfeld, Jefferies and his Legit co-star cohort are much closer to the spirit of Jerry Seinfeld’s hit sitcom — even if the Jefferies and his friends inhabit is much darker. Where Seinfeld’s “The Contest” episode merely hinted at its subject matter, tonight’s “Loveline” episode of Legit finds...

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Inside season four of IFC’s Portlandia with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein

In the third season of IFC’s lovably quirky sketch comedy series, Portlandia, Fred Armisen showed off his impersonation of legendary Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra in a sketch lampooning the idea of a punk musicians’ home becoming a historic landmark. In Portlandia’s fourth season, which premieres Thursday, Jello Biafra himself appears in a sketch. As a man who awakes from a coma after almost two decades to discover everyone is a yuppie now. He’s pictured above with Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, plus Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, during taping of the sketch (which kicks off episode 404, “Pull-Out King”)....

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Conan O’Brien’s “Hey, I Just Woke Up, Aren’t I Talented?” proves he’s talented even without rehearsal

Team Coco is running a promotional contest right now called, “Hey, I Just Woke Up, Aren’t I Talented?” in which you submit your morning routine video to Conan by Feb. 28 (this Friday) with #MyWakeUpTalent, and if you’re indeed talented enough, you’ll wind up (in video or maybe even real life) on the show. If this clip from Tuesday night’s Conan proves anything, though, then it’s this: Conan O’Brien is wicked talented no matter what time of day, and also, the show is fresher and funnier when it’s off the rails — so please, excuse Conan from all future...

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Jonathan Silverman as Josh Galloway, rape-joke comedian rapist(?), on Law & Order: SVU

If we all say “NO,” then NBC certainly wouldn’t dare broadcast tonight’s episode of Law & Order: SVU against our wishes, right? Right? Jonathan Silverman plays Josh Galloway, a stand-up comedian who makes a name for himself with rape jokes and a crime for himself in alleged rapes in tonight’s episode, “Comic Perversions.” Because if you’re going to rip a plotline from the headlines, why not go completely out of context and misinterpret a blog comment thread even worse than the people blogging about this sort of thing? This scene at Comic Strip Live feels like an amateurish school...

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