Adam Scott and Paul Rudd re-enact Bosom Buddies for final “Greatest Event in Television History” on Adult Swim, but which Bosom Buddies intro?

Adam Scott unveiled the billboard today for the fourth and final edition of his 1980s TV tribute series, “The Greatest Event in Television History,” which will air this Thursday night, Jan. 23, 2014, on Adult Swim.

If the photo of Scott with Paul Rudd doesn’t jog your memory, that’s a shot from Bosom Buddies — the sitcom that starred a young Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari in the early 1980s on ABC as two broke guys who dressed as women to live in an all-female apartment building. Specifically, it’s their softball shirts, as seen in the Bosom Buddies intro. Which is what Scott has done in the previous three GEITHs, re-enact the opening credits montages for

But which Bosom Buddies intro are they re-enacting this time?

Because there were two!

The original version, as shown below, includes the full description of the show’s premise and Billy Joel’s hit song, “My Life.”

A later version of the opening credits — after Hanks and Scolari’s cross-dressing ruse was discovered — used in later seasons and in syndication, adds other scenes of the Kip & Henry duo in their work roles as ad copywriters. Plus more shenanigans outside of the apartment building where they disguised themselves in drag. This time, the theme song sung by Stephanie Mills now is “Shake Me Loose,” which used the instrumentals from the original end credits score.

Now we’ve got some suspense! Tune in Thursday night to find out which sequence they used!

UPDATED: Scott has posted photos from the set of Gillian Jacobs and Aidy Bryant.


Gillian Jacobs here is channeling her inner Donna Dixon.

And Aidy Bryant is sporting a Wendie Jo Sperber look here.


And if you’re in San Francisco on Feb. 1, 2014, then you can ask Adam Scott all about it as he hosts a live screening/retrospective of all four of his GEITHS with co-director Lance Bangs at Cobb’s Comedy Club, as part of SFSketchfest.

AND NOW, IT CAN BE SHOWN…The Greatest Event in Television History. Bosom Buddies, re-enacted with special appearances by the real Tom Hanks, Peter Scolari and Billy Joel! With June Diane Raphael as Adam Scott’s wife. And Mo Collins, Aisha Muharrar and Helen Slayton-Hughes rounding out the cast. And Jon Schroeder streaking up the joint. And oh, yes, Jeff Probst, back as host.

Roll it!

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