Judd Apatow appeared on Thursday’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promote Anchorman 2, but host and guest also took a couple of minutes to make it a Throwback Thursday. Way back 30 years, to 1983. When Apatow was in high school and interviewing dozens of comedians for his self-produced school radio show in Long Island, and he made the trip to New Jersey to catch up with Leno before/after a gig at Rascals Comedy Club.

You see the photo. Now hear here a snippet of audio (Apatow also has shared archived clips in recent years with podcasts such as WTF), in which Apatow asks Leno to describe his stand-up philosophy, but not before boiling it down to two words himself: “Sarcastic and observational.”

Leno’s reply then? “Yeah. That about sums it up, I guess. Sarcastic and observational.”

Roll the clip!