Watch ABC’s failed sitcom pilot from 2013, “Bad Management,” with David Spade, Sharon Horgan, Alan Thicke and Rachael Harris

ABC passed on the sitcom, Bad Management, this spring.

But now it’s posted the full 22-minute pilot episode online.

David Spade, who starred in the pilot alongside Sharon Horgan, Alan Thicke and Rachael Harris, told his fans last night via Twitter, “I think it’s actually pretty good.”

See for yourself.

Here is the trailer showing the first two minutes, set in a department store’s luxury goods and cosmetics department where Horgan’s character is the boss until her boss’ son (Spade) shows up and makes her management even badder.

Watch the whole pilot for Bad Management online via ABC.

This is the third failed sitcom pilot to surface online in 2013 — CBS hosts Greg Garcia’s attempt at Super Clyde, while NBC allowed Sarah Silverman to post her Susan 313 pilot from 2012 on her YouTube channel. Thus bringing us one step closer to the day when the broadcast networks will just make us all one giant focus group and simply post all of their pilots online before deciding which ones to order to series. Just like Amazon. Unless, of course, they bypass pilot season entirely by 2015. Which in Hollywood is just as likely a bet. Don’t bet on Hollywood is what I’m saying.

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