New animated videos with Jonathan Katz

“Hey, we’re back!” That’s what Jonathan Katz has been saying for the past few years and past few dozen podcasts for WKATZ.

But Katz’s final “audio-only podcast” for WKATZ appeared online back in January. Fast-forward to August, and now we can not only hear Katz, but see the comedian you loved to see animated as Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, back in cartoon form but now as the WKATZ broadcaster.

In Monday’s episode, “A New Kind of Entrepreneur,” Katz describes his decision to erect and man a tollbooth on his neighborhood street. The future of privatization?┬áRoll the clip!

The man playing the voice of the reporter interviewing Katz is none other than Tom Snyder, whom you may remember as the co-creator of Dr. Katz.

The JonathanKatzComedy channel on YouTube has three other animated WKATZ episodes up so far.

In the episode “Crime and Punishment,” Katz reveals how he ruined his longtime friendship with a British naturalist, and what he did to make things right, at least for his own peace of mind. That’s nothing, however, compared to performing for a kid’s birthday party. Tell us a joke, clown. Repurposed from an audio podcast from 2008. Roll it.

In “Desperado,” Katz gets so desperate for stage time that he looks for it wherever he can find it. Looks and sounds like he’s the one in need of therapy this time.

And in “Thinning the Herd,” Katz talks to people who opened up a venison-only restaurant in NYC.

Be on the lookout for more videos in this series!

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